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C.E. Electronics, Inc. designs and manufactures pneumatic qualifiers, network interfaces
and wireless torque wrench devices for product assembly.

Pneumatic Qualifiers

Pneumatic Qualifiers verify fastening processes by monitoring the pneumatic signature generated by air tools. Direct drive and pulse tool fastenings can be successfully qualified by monitoring the duration of a fastening, pulsing, and verifying that the clutch shut the tool off at the end of the fastening process. Digital inputs and outputs are available for interfacing these units with line controls like PLCs.
Network Interfaces

C. E. Electronics offers several different products for interfacing monitors to networks.
Wireless Torque Wrench Devices

The Wireless Torque Wrench line of products comprise a torque wrench and a remote unit that is fitted with transceivers. With each torque event, the wrench transmits information to the remote unit which decides if the fastening was OK or NOK.