2107 Industrial Drive
Bryan, Ohio 43506
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2107 Industrial Drive
Bryan, Ohio 43506
fax: 419.636.2516

Listing of Consultants:

An elevator consultant is someone who specializes in the design, testing and maintenance inspection of elevators, escalators, moving walkways and many other conveyances that move people.



DTM Vertical Systems Consultants www.dtminc.net

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HKA Elevator Consulting www.thinkhka.com

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IAEC The International Association of Elevator Consultants www.iaec.org

KP Elevator Consulting www.kp.consulting

Lerch Bates www.lerchbates.com
lb consultants

Rise Elevator Services, LLC
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Solucore Elevator Consultants

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Southern Elevator Consulting www.southernelevatorconsulting.com
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TEC The Elevator Consultants  www.theelevatorconsultant.com
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VDA Elevator & Escalator Consultants  vdassoc.com

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