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Elite PI Designer | Designer Install v1.8.0.17


The Elite PI Designer application can be used by graphics designers to create screen layouts or by others to manage content on the Elite PI displays. With this tool, you can customize your displays with special features and graphics, and update your displays whenever necessary. The layout files can be collected and transferred to Elite PI Displays using a USB stick or the Elite PI Transfer application.

You may download the Elite PI Installation Guide. This manual describes the mechanical, electrical and software installation for the Elite PI.

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Updating Your Elite PI?

We've compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Select a tab to discover the following answers to:

Supported Image Files


The Elite PI Designer Software supports the following graphical images:

> JPEG Image File (.jpg) / (.jpeg)
> True Vision Targa Graphics (.tga)
> Portable Network Graphics (.png)                  
> Bitmaps (.bmp)
> Enhanced Metafile (.emf)
> Metafiles (.wmf)          

Please note that images must be sized to the proportions shown on the display.

In order to discover the size of the an image, you will need to. Right Click on an image and select 'Properties'. This will show you the height and width and location of the image. 

Crop and resize any image to the exact pixels or proportion you specified and reduce the file size significantly without losing quality for FREE, without Photoshop. www.canva.com 

Only RGB color values are supported with our Elite PI Software.

Excepted background files (RGB): .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp / Background Images (72 resolution).
The tab below will offer further details on what size each background is formatted to.

Set Background


To begin, select a background for your Layout. Click on the right most button on the toolbar to select a graphic. This will bring up an Open Background window, containing backgrounds developed for use with Elite PI Designer.


Excepted background files (RGB): .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp


Background Images (72 resolution):


> 10.4”: 640 x 480 pixels (.jpg template)

> 10.4” Hitachi: 800 x 600 pixels (.jpg template)

> 12": 800 x 600 pixels (.jpg template)

> 15”: 800 x 600 pixels  (.jpg template)

> 15.3” wide: 1280 x 768 pixels  (.jpg template)

> 19” wide: 1680 x 1050 pixels  (.jpg template)


Updating Scheduled Messages

1. Open the Elite PI Designer application



2. From the File menu, select the collection named alfred I dupont building.zip which will open it.



Note: The message are in the middle of the design is 600x450 pixels. A jpeg file is a common and easy to use format.



3. Right-click twice on the message area and select Edit Scheduled Messages.



4. The Scheduled Message Edit dialog box will appear.



5. Use the up/down arrows next to the Message Number to navigate to an empty message or a message you wish to replace. Note: The keyboard Pg Up/Pg Dn perform the same function as the up/down arrow buttons.



6. Select the camera icon from the toolbar or Insert->Picture from the menu.


7. Navigate to the new image and press Open.



8. Add a schedule for the message at the bottom. Note: The Start Time and End Time are for each of the dates from the Start Date to the End Date. The Duration is in seconds.



9. Repeat steps 5-8 until all images have been added.


10. Press the Ok button (green checkmark) to accept the new message(s). You will be returned to the main screen.



11. Select File-Save to save the collection.




12. A prompt will appear, "Collection Created." Press OK.




13. Select File->Exit to close the Elite PI Designer.



14. Open the Elite PI Transfer application if it is not already opened. (Download: Elite PI Transfer software)



15. A button with a inside of a yellow triangle will appear in the Update Graphics task. Press the button and it will disappear.


16. Press the Play button to push the new collection to the displays. When complete, all of the displays will be green as they appear in the Update Time task below.




Add a Scheduled Messages


To Add a Scheduled Message you will first need to 'right click' on the image that you would like to edit.

Select Edit Scheduled Message.

Scheduled Message Edit


Within the Scheduled Message Edit box go to 'Message Number', located top right. By using the arrows go to the last blank message. Press on the Camera icon, the second button from the right. After selecting which image you would like to add press 'Open'. You may assign up to four different time periods to each time message at the bottom of the screen. Each time period has a date range. The date range is composed of the Start time, End time, Start Date, and End date for each individual time period. Within the date range specific days can be set (Sunday - Saturday) to show the scheduled messages. If there is more than one message to be displayed during a given day and time, the messages will alternate in a round robin fashion. The duration shows how many seconds each message is displayed before advancing to the next message. Each message can be displayed for up to 250 seconds before advancing.


Set As Valid will set the time period from the current date to a date 20 years in the future, to be shown at all times. This is the default setting. Clear Time Period will clear  the time period which you have entered.


To make this active, click on the green checkmark to finalize this edit.


Replace/Edit a Scheduled Messages



To Replace/Edit a Scheduled Message you will first need to 'right click' on the image that you would like to edit. Select Edit Scheduled Message.


Scheduled Message Edit



To Replace an image go to Message Number section, located top right. By using the arrows go to which message you need to edit or replace. In order to replace an existing image press on the Camera icon, the second button from the right. After choosing an image, select 'Open'. You will now need to click on the green checkmark to finalize this change.


Remove Scheduled Messages



To Remove a Scheduled Message you will first need to 'right click' on the image that you would like to edit.

Select Edit Scheduled Message.


Scheduled Message Edit


By choosing Message Number, top right, you will be able to edit out any Scheduled Message. To change the image you will need to select the Camera icon (top right). If you need to adjust the time or date, please change this located at the bottom under Time Period. Another option will to Clear Period to either start over or to make this message temporarily unavailable. Once you are done editing your screens push the green check mark to go back to the design.


Adding/Removing a Floor Message"]


 Floor Message


To Add a Floor Message you will need to click on the square icon at the top titled ‘Priority, Landing, Scheduled Messages’. With your mouse, click where you would like the new Floor Message to appear. Once the image has been selected right click to show Properties. This feature will allow you to choose what size this particular item needs to be. Once you are finished press 'OK'. Now 'right click' again and select Edit Floor Messages.


Floor Message


You will be able to add or remove any Floor Message on that particular floor by using either method given. The edit screen for floor position is identical to the edit screen for landing messages. Select the floor in the upper-right hand corner, and type the applicable text into the white space at the bottom. If you would like to use an exisiting file or graphic, simply use the insert image option. Either choose to add an image by selecting the Camera icon or delete an image by selecting the Scissor icon. Once you are done editing your screens push the green check mark to go back to the design.


Save Design

To save your work, you can select the File menu, and select Save, or you can select the Save button, which is the third button on the toolbar. If you have already saved your file, selecting this function will save over your previous file. If you have not already saved your file, this function will bring up the Save As window.


The Save As window will prompt you to enter a filename and path for your file. If you do not specify a directory, your layout will be saved under the last directory you have saved to. Your layout will be saved with an extension of .epi.


Once you are satisfied with your update under 'File' select 'Save As...'. This will save a zip file of your collection. You may need to download our Elite PI USB Transfer software before you can upload your design to your Elite PI screens. In order to place the collection onto the screen, you must convert the file to a 'USBInstaller.zip' file. Please place this file onto an empty USB stick. You will then be able to update each of the displays by plugging the USB drive into the back of each of the Elite PI screens. Once you plug the drive into the back of a display, a blue "Elite PI" graphic will appear on the screen, informing you of the progress of the update. When the update has completed, the screens will prompt you to remove the USB drive from the back of the display and will reboot itself with the updated screen design.