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Elite PI USB Transfer | Transfer System v1.0.0.12

The Elite PI USB Transfer Utility is a tool that provides the ability to update collections, execute C.E. Electronics provided utilities retrieve collections and information, and set the time/date on an ElitePI. This utility provides an alternative to the traditional ElitePI Transfer Utility that is connected to the ElitePI Communications Link. It is possible, with this utility, to construct one installation package (Kit) on a USB Flash Drive (provided in this package) that will be able to update all the ElitePIs within a building or campus. This makes it a very efficient mechanism to update displays where the ElitePI Communications Link is unavailable.


Software Requirements

Transfer Computer

> Windows 98SE (Second Edition), Windows 2000 with SP3 or later, Windows XP

> An available USB (version 1.1 or later) port on the computer

> At least 128 MB of Ram

> At least 10 MB of Disk Space

Elite PI

> ElitePI running version 1.69 or later of the Operating System.

> Accessible USB Port on the ElitePI.

__PLEASE NOTE: USB port extender installation kits are available from C.E. Electronics.


Installation Overview

The installation process depends on the version of the operating system on the transfer computer and as well as the ElitePI. For ElitePI OS versions between 1.69 and 2.0 it may be necessary to apply special updates to the OS. Most units in the field have the proper drivers installed but some may require updating. Contact CE Electronics