2107 Industrial Drive
Bryan, Ohio 43506
419.636.6705 fax: 419.636.2516
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2107 Industrial Drive
Bryan, Ohio 43506
fax: 419.636.2516

C.E. ELECTRONICS, INC., The Position Indicator Specialist, is the largest independent supplier of position indicators for the elevator industry. We design and manufacture solid state components and fixtures for modernizations, retrofits, and new installations. We have full product lines of position indicators in LED Segmented displays, Dot Matrix displays, Liquid Crystal displays, Vacuum Fluorescent displays, & TFT Display Modules.

We also have a line of ADA products to help you conform to governmental specifications. This series includes units from passing chimes and arrival gongs to digitized voice systems.

We have created a family of units for Direct Replacement of those troublesome products you have been battling with for years. Most of these units fit directly on to the existing stud pattern and can re-use the existing wiring. Our replacements typically utilize 100,000 hour life LEDs bringing maintenance costs almost to nothing.

We have Security Systems designed specifically for elevators. With this product, it is possible to limit access to particular floors with either keypad, card reader or proximity reader devices.

Our fastest growing product line is our Accessories family. This series is the heartbeat of our company. We design and produce custom hardware to solve the problems in the elevator industry. So, if you don’t see the equipment that you need in our catalog, we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you to design it. Our goal is to help you meet your customer’s specifications.