Garry Courtney
President & CEO
2107 Industrial Drive
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Miscellaneous Information:

C.E. Electronics is an international organization with its products found around the world. Thirty years ago, owner Garry Courtney and partner Glen Ellis decided to begin their own business. Glen was to be the marketing manager and Garry to be the plant manager. That was the plan anyway. Three days before they signed papers to begin the business, Glen suddenly passed away. Not knowing what else to do, Garry and Glen’s widow, Dawn decided to go forward with the business as planned. At Glen’s funeral, Garry introduced himself to a man no one seemed to know. This man had been a friend of Glen’s and was now the purchasing agent for Schindler Elevator of Toledo, Ohio. Through this introduction, the business got its start in the elevator industry. The agent advised Garry to join the trade association and to advertise in the industry trade magazine. Schindler offered C.E. the opportunity to design an elevator display for their use. C.E. was able to create the display to their liking and begin a product line that would eventually be the largest in the industry. From a doubtful beginning to the largest display manufacturer in the world, the people of C.E. Electronics can only give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ for opening every door of opportunity and causing the company to be a success.