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OMN57-BXX | 5.7" MINI PI


Ver. 3 Rel. 04.03.14




5.7" MINI PI

The Mini PI is a flexible position indicator which can be customized for any building or corporation. This customization can reflect architectural elements, color schemes, and corporation identity. Within this customization, information can be presented to passengers regarding the elevator's current position and direction, arrival arrows along with priority messages from the controller. It's also designed to be a destination type display showing floors served when in destination mode.

These units also have a non-movement blanking to help preserve backlight life.


Typical Applications:

> Car operating panel

> Car transom

> Lobby / arrival arrows

> Destination Display

> Message


> Simple voice

> Passing chime output

> Self testing

> USB Updatable

> Low profile

> Destination display

> Backlight saver function / default on

> Otis RSL Input



> Small (Standard Part): 6.750" W x 4.500" H x 1.750" D | 171.45mm W x 114.30mm H x 44.45mm D

> Horizontal: 7.250" W x 5.000" H x 1.750" D | 184.15mm W x 127mm H x 44.45mm D

> Verticle: 6.000" W x 6.000" H x 1.750" D | 152.40mm W x 152.40mm H x 44.45mm D



Standard lens: add .125" * Depth includes room for reasonable wiring space.

Some features may not be available for your system. Please check with your manufacture or engineering for special features.