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TCV 900

TCV 900 
The Sturtevant Richmont Torque Control Verifier (TCV) is used in conjunction with a PTFM wrench in order to provide a means of confirmation that a fastener has been installed correctly. Each time a PTFM wrench is used, an FM signal is transmitted. The TCV is designed to receive these transmissions and make decisions based upon their duration. If the TCV receives signals that satisfy its timers, an Accept signal will be generated. If the timers are violated, a reject will occur. The TCV system operates in the 900MHz band and can be programmed to receive data on one of eight different channels. A data encryption scheme is utilized in order to eliminate cross talk between wrenches operating on the same frequency. Four LEDs in the face of the unit provide visual feedback to operators. The LEDs indicate power, signal strength, programming modes, Accept and Reject statuses. This unit may also be easily integrated into systems that utilize Programmable Logic Controllers(PLCs). The TCV will supply a digital indication to an external control when an accept or reject status occurs. PLCs can also tell the TCV when to drop these statuses through the use of the reset line.